The Local Authority and ERW (Education through regional working), our regional education consortium, are supportive of the national drive to raise school attendance, recognising the crucial link between attendance and attainment.  The school follows the Bishopston cluster schools attendance policy. Individual requests for holidays during term times will only be authorised by the Headteacher, in exceptional circumstances. Otherwise absences due to pupils being taken on holidays during term time will be recorded as unauthorised. Your child’s progress in school will be affected if you do not make sure that he or she attends school regularly. absence-request-form-children-sept-16

Our target is 96.5%. In 2014/15 we achieved 96.4%, which placed us in the top 50% of schools in Wales and joint first in Swansea!  However, we are striving to improve to perform in the top 25% of similar schools across Wales to ensure our pupils have every opportunity of success.


If your child is unable to attend school or nursery for any reason please telephone or e-mail the school office to let us know. If your child has sickness or diarrhoea we ask that he/she does not return to school for 48 hours as this type of illness can be very infectious.

The school is very proud of its high figures of attendance. To encourage continued high levels of attendance, certificates are awarded to children at the end of each term for 100% attendance as well as for 100% over the school year. Each week the highest attending class receives the attendance award.  The school’s attendance data for 2014/15 was 96.4%.  Regular attendance is vital for ensuring the best learning opportunities for your child.


The school day begins at 8.50am and we ask that children arrive promptly to ensure a positive start to their learning. Please ensure your child is not late for school. Children who arrive late are asked to report to the school office on arrival. Any late attendance is recorded on the end of year school Annual Report to parents.

We hope that you can support our attendance record and arrange your holidays around the existing 175 days the schools are closed through weekends and school holidays, and help us to support your child to “be the best they can be!”

Thank you to all the parents who understand the impact that attendance has on their child’s performance. 

Table of impact!

Attendance % Impact on Learning Impact on Learner
95% – 100% Best chance of success Your child is taking full advantage of every learning opportunity
90% – 95% At least 2 weeks of learning missed Your child will have to spend time at home catching up on missed learning.
85% – 90% At least 4 weeks of learning missed Your child is at risk of under achieving and will need extra support from you to catch up on missed learning.
80% – 85% At least 5 ½ weeks of learning missed. Your child’s poor attendance is having a significant impact on learning.
Below 80% At least 7 ½ weeks of learning missed. Your child is missing out on a broad and balanced education. You are at risk of prosecution.

The Welsh Government (WG) Education (Penalty Notice)(Wales) Regulations 2013 states that Local Authorities (LA’s) are required by law to adhere to the Education Act 1996 section 444 to include penalty notices as one of the interventions to promote better school attendance.

Sections 444A and 444B of the Education Act 1996 provide that certain cases of unauthorised absences can be dealt with by way of a penalty notice. A penalty notice is a fine of up to £120 and may be issued to a parent / carer as a result of a child’s regular non-attendance at school / educational provision.

The school adheres to the code of conduct for penalty notices as issued by ERW and agreed by your Local Authority, and therefore may request the local authority to issue a penalty notice in certain cases.