What extra things can you get involved in?

‘Be the best that you can be’


Our extra curricular activities are very popular, anything you like the look of? Sign up today! It’s a great way to practise your skills and learn some new things! Hope to see you there! Have a look at what some some of the members have said about their club:

“I go to football club, I like the sport and I think it’s fun.” Ben.

“I go to netball and I think it’s really good fitness, so roll up roll up.” Alanna.

“I go to knitting and it’s great fun because you learn to make lots of stuff.” Jennie.

“Ukulele is really exciting and really cool to play and it’s something a bit different.” Tristan.

“Choir is really fun, learning to perform new songs, I really like visiting other places and singing.” Tommy.







Lunch time club


(Yrs 4 – 6)








 Eco – committee

School Council

Safety Squad

Healthy school meeting.

(Two Weekly)




(Yrs 2 – 6)  





After school club



(Yrs 3 – 6)



(Yrs 3 -4 & yrs 5-6 – alternate weeks)

Fun & Fitness

(Yrs 1 & 2)



Yrs 3 – 6