Health & Well – Being

Health & WellBeing!

Engagement with this Area will help to foster a whole-school approach that enables health and well-being to permeate all aspects of school life. Here, we do not only focus on physical health but mental and social well – being also. At Pennard, we believe that this is crucial in order for all pupils to develop as confident and happy life long learners. 


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What Matters in Health & Well-being

  1. Developing physical health and well-being has lifelong benefits. 

  2. How we process and respond to our experiences affects our mental health and emotional well-being.

  3. Our decision-making impacts on the quality of our lives and the lives of others.

  4. How we engage with social influences shapes who we are and affects our health and well-being. 

  5. Healthy relationships are fundamental to our well-being.  

Progression in Health and Well-Being


  1. Increasing breadth and depth of knowledge

  2. Deepening understanding of the ideas and disciplines within areas of learning and experience

  3. Refinement and growing sophistication in the use and application of skills

  4. Making connections and transferring learning into new contexts

  5. Increasing effectiveness as a learner


Health & Well – Being @ Pennard


Mental well – being health & development includes:

  • Active participation for all KS2 pupils in pupil voice and school development (including opportunities for entrepeneurship – senedd page for more information) 
  • Growth Mindset approach to learning
  • Restorative practice
  • Embedding of pupil rights
  • Daily mile
  • Positive behaviour policy (see policy’s page for more information)
  • Daily check in’s for all pupils
  • Collaborative transition process with Bishopston Comprehensive school
  • Development of resilience throughout the school/ 24 human super strengths
  • Inquiry based teaching approach creating a learning environment that is based on mutual respect and that fosters independence and interdependence. 

Physical development includes:

  • P.E lessons
  • Use of onsite swimming pool
  • Daily mile/walk & talk
  • Healthy food cooking/lessons
  • Focused science lesson on human body – whole school
  • Variety of after school clubs available to all pupils
  • Daily fruit tuck
  • Healthy school award achieved and maintained.