Friends of Pennard Primary


Here at Pennard Primary, we’re busy fundraising by collecting old British or foreign coins and notes, even obsolete currency.  Initially you’ll see lots of posters around the school, as well as the collection bucket.  Once all the currency has been collected, we send it to, who exchanges it into cash we can use.  The bucket will be here all year, so keep it coming please!


Friends of Pennard Primary (FoPP) is a community organisation and registered charity, raising funds to advance the education of children attending Pennard Primary School.

FoPP provides invaluable support to the school, by organising social and fundraising events to supplement the school’s budget.  The money we raise provides extra resources, facilities and equipment for the pupils, to enhance and enrich their learning journey through these essential primary school years.

Our membership is not limited to parents, carers and teachers; FoPP welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds – from our community and beyond – who are interested in getting involved in fundraising activities and improvement projects. 

Click here and drop us a line to learn more or get involved!

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2017/2018 FoPP STRUCTURE


Co Chairs:  Clare Parrington, Kelly Eynon

Vice Chair:  Sarah Smith

Secretary:  Beth Stretton

Treasurer:  Julianne Jenner

Publicity:  Sofiya Hussain

Teacher rep:  Kerina Hanson

FoPP rep:  Laura Fawcett

Class Representatives

Nursery:  Katy Gibbon and Louise Ryan

Reception:  Jen Kiley and Jess O’Driscoll

Year One:  Laura Fawcett and Amanda Evans

Year Two:  Cath Wojciechowski and Lucy Clarke

Year Three:  Lisa Banks and Mel Fraser

Year Four:  Heidi Lythgoe

Year Five:  Rhian Ferguson and Rachael Wear

Year Six:  Vicki Blake