Friends of Pennard Primary

Friends of Pennard Primary are extremely supportive of the school and a very important part of our school community.

Friends of Pennard Primary exists to support the life and work of the school and is open to all members of the school community.

The Association provides invaluable support to the school through organising many social and fundraising events involving parents and the wider local community. Money raised provides extra facilities and equipment for the pupils. Friends of Pennard Primary identifies long and short-term projects for its fundraising; which enables us to buy ‘special’ extras to enhance pupils’ school experience.

Friends of Pennard Primary needs the support of parents to ensure it is able to continue to enrich the lives of children. As a new member of our school community we hope you will be able to add your support to the work of the Association.


Co Chairs: Emma Roberts, Sarah Smith, Sarah Williams

Secretary: Sarah Smith

Treasurer: Carolyn Davies

Purchasers: Rachel Norman, Claire Morse

Publicity: Lucy Clarke

Teacher rep: Mrs Mabbett


Class Representatives

Nursery: Jen Kiley and Lara Esfahani

Reception: Laura Fawcett and Amanda Evans

Year One: Cath Wojciechowski and Lucy Clarke

Year Two: Lisa Banks and Mel Fraser

Year Three: Heidi Lythgoe and Aisha Usman

Year Four: Rhian Ferguson and Rachael Wear

Year Five: Emma Roberts and Vicki Blake

Year Six: Sarah Williams and Janet Dickinson

Summary of PTA roles